From my first clay class in my youth I was captivated! Clay was something I wanted to do, it spoke to me. The clay asked me what I wanted to make, what it would be used for and who would I share it with; the ideas were endless – my mind, and more importantly my hands were stimulated! That voice of the clay has compelled me to this day.

As a ceramic artist, hand crafting vessels that people want to touch, converse about and find useful inspires me. What makes my work unique is one of my decorating techniques; it suggests movement and a lovely flowing line for the eye to follow around a piece. My glazes have a depth and dimension that draws an admirer closer. All the elements of creating my work meld to convey a quiet beauty and yet all the better, they are utilitarian.

My process starts with a ball of clay, my hands, just a little water and my old friend the potters’ wheel. I make many forms on the wheel that I alter or decorate, giving them uniqueness & character – no two are the same. A few of my favorite vessels to create are serving pieces – especially bowls & platters. To these pieces I apply a thick slip to the rim and manipulate it to create a draped, undulating texture that appears to flow. My satin matte glazes pool and break around this texture as they melt in the kiln, crowning them with vivid color and vitality.

From ancient times vessels have been crafted from clay to fill functional needs, specifically in and around the home. It is important that I carry on this tradition by creating pieces that sustain and are a part of gatherings - bringing people, families & friends together around the rituals of food and drink. I want a platter or bowl to be worthy of a Master Chefs culinary creations or simply feed my nephew his morning cereal. There is no greater compliment than to have people decide they want to live with and use one of my creations. I feel blessed to honor this ancient craft, particularly in today’s mass produced machine-made era. It is the impetus for opening my studio door each day and once again listening to the clay.

March 2015 - I recently moved and have not set up a studio and am not currently making pottery. My entire inventory of work is on Etsy, you may link to my Etsy store from this site.

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